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Root Canal Therapy in Maspeth

woman in need of root canalWe believe your natural smile is the one you should keep for a lifetime. That’s why we focus on conservative dentistry services for patients form Maspeth, Glendale, and surrounding communities. It’s our mission to ensure smiles are healthy, happy, and free from pain or discomfort. If you experience severe toothache, visit our Maspeth dental office right away. Many patients worry that toothache, root canal infection, and abscess teeth mean they’ll lose a tooth. Often, Dr. Lorber is able to save your tooth and ease discomfort with root canal therapy.

Why Get a Root Canal?

 A root canal is actually a necessary part of dental structure. The roots of teeth are the supportive parts of the tooth below the gum line, and in the center of tooth roots are canals where nerves connect to the rest of the mouth and body. The entire tooth structure is made up of three layers: enamel, dentin, and pulp. The procedure sometimes referred to as a root canal is actually the removal of infected pulp and nerve tissue from inside any part of the tooth including the root canal. The name root canal was given because the protective layers of enamel and dentin are thinnest over the roots, so infection commonly begins there. Regardless of where the infection originates, it directly affects the nerves of teeth making it extremely painful, and these infections deteriorate dental structure from the inside out. In order to protect oral health and prevent tooth loss, root canal therapy removes infection and replaces damaged structure.

What is the Root Canal Procedure?

Hearing “root canal,” strikes fear in the heart of the strongest patient making tough, grown men and women a bit squeamish. Thanks to modern procedures, anesthetics, and state-of-the-art technology, root canal therapy is conservative, surprisingly comfortable, and pain relieving. Save irreparably damaged teeth from extraction with root canal therapy from Dr. Lorber and his team. Our dentists treat infection cleaning out the infected pulp and nerves and inserting a biocompatible substance to refill the damaged tooth. Once the infected tissue is removed and replaced, the tooth is sealed and restored with a custom dental crown to renew function and protect further damage. The result is a healthy smile, and preserved natural dental structure. If patients need a root canal, we perform the procedure with superior precision, skill, and comfort in order to put the smile back on their faces sooner.

Contact your Maspeth dentist and team to find out more about root canal therapy and other restorative dentistry services for patients from Glendale and other surrounding communities.