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Pediatric Dentist in Maspeth

Young girl sitting in exam chairFamilies are busy: this is not breaking news. Running back and forth between school, work, clubs, sports, and other activities keeps patients going all the time. Adding multiple dental appointments into these busy schedules can be a challenge for sure. At Maspeth Dental, we don’t believe dental care should be stressful or inconvenient. We’re dedicated to caring for children’s smiles at every stage of their development. From their first happy visit with our team to possible orthodontic treatment later on, we have the dentistry services your kids need for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Happy Visits

Before they become our patients, we encourage patients to bring children along to one or more of their own visits. These appointments allow kids to get used to the sights, sounds, and scents of the dental practice and develop positive associations with the activity. Our dentist and team will examine your child’s smile gently and recommend a pediatric specialist if they’re showing signs of developmental concerns. This occurs rarely, but it ensures your child develops a healthy, happy smile.

Your Child’s First Visit

Around the age of three, we recommend that parents bring their children in for routine dental visits twice a year. During these appointments, your child receives the same attentive care that you’ve grown to expect from dental check-ups at our practice. We make every moment of your child’s visit fun and safe, taking them through diagnostic X-rays, a visual examination, cleaning, and consultation smoothly. We treat your child’s fears, concerns, and questions with the same respect that you receive. It’s essential to make oral health and dental visits a fun part of your child’s routine, and our team is happy to offer suggestions for keeping children’s smile healthy throughout the year, including:

  • Dental sealants – This thin coating is placed over teeth that are hard to clean to give your child a stronger defense against dental decay.
  • Fluoride treatments – Many people drink bottled water. While this may keep children and adults safe from harmful chemicals, bottled water is also free of important minerals found in tap water, such as fluoride. As your child is developing primary and adult teeth, it’s essential they get the right amount of topical and systematic fluoride. At our office, we can apply a coat of topical fluoride to your child’s smile to fortify their new teeth between visits, and we may also recommend a fluoride supplement to ensure that their permanent teeth develop beautifully.
  • Hygiene demonstrations – Our knowledgeable hygienists love giving smile care demonstrations to patients of all ages. We’ll help you show your child the best way to brush and floss to keep teeth sparkling.
  • Oral health games – Making oral hygiene fun is one of the most effective ways to keep kids interested in caring for their smiles. We have a number of fun activities that help brushing, flossing, and eating tooth-healthy foods become a blast for kids of all ages.

 A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

Pediatric dental practices offer a great first step toward healthy teeth and gums for your children, but after years of familiarizing themselves with one practice and trusting the dentist and team, teens often have to switch to an all-new practice for their adult care. At Maspeth Dental, we offer dental care that grows with your child. From the first happy visit to braces, we have the personalized services your family needs for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Comfort, Convenience, and Care

When you trust Dr. Lorber and his team to care for a new generation of your family’s smiles, we promise to provide the same high levels of comfort, convenience, and care. Our state-of-the-art practice has remained on the cutting edge, incorporating ever-changing dentistry techniques and technologies since 1968. We realize that families are busier than ever in our fast-paced time, and we offer evening and Sunday appointments to fit any schedule. Most of all, we promise to deliver the highest quality dental services for patients of any age. Our Maspeth dentistry practice serves patients from nearby Glendale and other surrounding communities. Contact us to find out more today.