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Osseous Surgery from Our Skilled Periodontal Specialist

“Osseous” is a word that refers to bone tissue. Osseous surgery repairs a jawbone that has been compromised as a result of advanced gum disease, periodontitis. Bacteria in the mouth attack the gums each time we eat or drink especially when we consume sugary or acidic foods and beverages. This bacteria breaks down gum tissue, and it penetrates deep into the jawbone. The damage gum disease causes to jawbone density and strength is often referred to as a “defect.” Defects make at-home oral hygiene routines more difficult, painful, or even impossible. With skilled Osseous surgery performed by our skilled, onsite periodontist, Dr. Lefkowitz, the defected areas are reshaped restoring bone density, stability, and shape.

Following osseous surgery, jawbone and gum tissues are able to more effectively support teeth again. Periodontal pockets are reduced, as well making oral hygiene easy and effective once again. Patients with bony defects caused by gum disease notice significant improvement thanks to osseous surgery which improves oral health and often prevents tooth loss that may result from advanced periodontal disease.

Call Dr. Lorber’s Maspeth dentistry practice to schedule a personal consultation. Our team is happy to discuss your case, develop a treatment plan, make recommendations for oral health care, and answer questions about gum disease, osseous surgery, and other dentistry services for patients from Maspeth, Brooklyn, and nearby communities.