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Digital X-Rays for High Definition Diagnostics in Maspeth

digital x-ray by x-ray machineFor years, dentists and dental patients have relied on X-rays that lead to excessive radiation exposure for patients, chemical exposure for employees who develop the images, and less-than ideal resulting images. As innovations in dentistry continue, digital X-ray technology might just be the most significant improvement in recent years!

Digital Radiography: What We See Is What We Get

We've invested in a new, three-dimensional, higher definition way of looking at your smile — a diagnostic procedure that's fast, comfortable, and incredibly precise. Using digital radiography, our Maspeth team can clearly identify your external and internal anatomical structures and accurately diagnose dental problems. Even more amazing is the fact that we can immediately translate that information into a larger, clearer, and more accurate image. This image is projected onto a chairside monitor for patients and doctors to study together in the operatory. You won’t even have to leave your comfortable treatment chair. Digital X-ray technology improves and simplifies the way we care for our patients’ teeth, resulting in better evaluations and treatment solutions. The most important member of any dental team is the patient. For that reason, patients need to understand the condition of their mouth, as well as treatment recommendations. Digital X-rays help us help you better understand all of this vital information.

Reduced Radiation, Radical Results

Dentists have used X-rays to see what the naked eye could not for decades. In the past, they were developed in a darkroom like photographs and required hazardous chemicals. These images were then viewed on a light board, after which they needed to be stored bulky filing cabinets. By far, the worst part of traditional X-rays was the radiation exposure patients had to endure. Thankfully, digital radiography has completely transformed this process.

When patients come into our office for diagnostic X-rays today, a tiny sensor is placed in their mouth that emits a minimal amount of radiation – up to 90% less than traditional X-rays! This creates a detailed image of your internal oral structures that’s immediately viewable on a chairside monitor, carrying with it the conveniences of other digitized images. We can rotate and magnify X-rays, adjust then for contrast, and even color-code them for educational purposes. The digital images are then stored easily and efficiently in our computer systems for safety and privacy. For insurance purposes, referrals, or patient education, digital X-rays can be easily, inexpensively, and accurately reproduced indefinitely.

Digital x-rays offer unparalleled benefits over traditional radiographs including:

  • Convenient captured and shared more comfortably and easily
  • Safer for the environment due to reduced radiation and lack of chemicals
  • Allows us to educate patients about their internal and external dental structures
  • Safer for patients and dental office employees


A Panorex image is an X-ray that depicts a panoramic (from one side to the other) view of your smile! This image helps the dentist understand the relationship between your teeth, jaw, and occlusion (also known as your bite). When planning extensive restorative or cosmetic cases, a Panorex may be necessary in addition to routine intraoral photos and digital X-rays.

If you have any questions or concerns about digital radiography or other diagnostic services at Maspeth Dental, contact Dr. Lorber and his team today. We welcome patients from Maspeth, Brooklyn, and other nearby locations.