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Bone Grafts

When teeth are missing, the tooth roots do not stimulate the jawbone. The body works to reroute minerals and nutrients to other areas of the body when specific structures are not in use. Without stimulation from the root structure, bone begins to be resorbed diminishing the density and ability of the jawbone to support remaining teeth. Sufficient bone density is necessary to replace missing teeth with dental implants. In addition to lack of stimulation following tooth loss, bone may also deteriorate because of gum disease, trauma, or infection. When bone density is lost, Dr. Lorber may recommend bone grafting in order to increase the odds of successful implant placement.

Bone grafting is the addition of tissue to an area of the body. A bone graft uses tissue from another part of the patient’s body (autogenous), bone tissue form a donor bank, or synthetic bone tissue. The graft is surgically placed onto the existing bone, and a bone growth accelerator is applied to speed the development of new bone tissue. Often attached with a small pin or tack, the bone graft site may also need to place a barrier on the graft to prevent gum tissue from attaching to the developing bone.

If you’re interested in dental implant restorations but you’ve been told you don’t have adequate bone density to support a restoration, bone grafts may be the solution you need. Call Dr. Lorber and the Maspeth Dental team today to schedule a personal consultation. He will be happy to talk about your case, provide a treatment plan, discuss your options, and answer all of your questions. We welcome patients from Maspeth, Middle Village, and surrounding communities to visit our office today.