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Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Dentist in Maspeth

BCBS Maspeth DentalDr. Mark Lorber and Dr. Howard Lorber are here to provide you with not only the best of dental care but also top-notch customer service, as well. That’s why we are in-network dental providers with several common dental insurance carriers in New York, including Blue Cross Blue Shield. Known as Empire BCBS, this dental insurance covers preventive care like regular checkups and cleanings, as well as procedures such as fillings, X-rays, and root canals. Read on to learn more about dental insurance and your Blue Cross Blue Shield dentist in Maspeth.

Covering the Cost of Dental Expenses

When you purchase a dental plan with Empire BCBS and begin to pay your premiums—the monthly or annual amount you must pay for the privilege of having dental insurance—preventive care for you and your family is covered immediately. For more extensive treatments, you’ll only be responsible for paying your percentage of the cost after you’ve satisfied the deductible specified in the plan that you choose. After that, Empire BCBS pays the rest.

Some of Empire BCBS’s plans come with an out-of-pocket maximum that are designed to protect you from high costs during a calendar year. On some plans, if you reach this maximum, BCBS pays the full cost of any additional care until you meet the maximum benefit allowed.

New York Dental Plans with Empire BCBS

Empire BCBS offers three different dental insurance plans to residents of New York:

  • Dental Prime Plan A
  • Dental Prime Plan B
  • Dental Prime Plan C

Diagnostic and preventive care is covered at 100 percent on all three plans. Dental Prime Plan A does not cover basic or major services; Plan B and Plan C cover basic services at 80 percent and major services at 50 percent. You can check here for more information about the benefits offered on each one of these plans.

In-Network with Empire BCBS

You’ll reap the most savings if you get your care from a dentist that is in-network on your plan. As an in-network Blue Cross Blue Shield dentist in Maspeth, Drs. Lorber must accept pre-determined fees for covered services. Once you have met your annual insurance deductible, all you have to pay is the coinsurance fee. You cannot be charged anything more.

Contact Our Office Today

If you have a question about your Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance plan, please feel free to call Maspeth Dental. We’ll also be happy to let you know about coverage for a specific procedure before your appointment.